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Paraglider near South Park, Colorado

Learn to Fly!

Ever have flying dreams? Were you the kid that jumped off the roof of the garage with an umbrella?

The dream of aviation is far from unreachable and much safer than your childhood adventures. Paragliding offers an easy, fun way to realize your dream of personal flight.

Why Choose Fly Away Paragliding?

Fly Away Paragliding is a full time, full service paragliding school. We have an outstanding safety record and the only instructor in the region with the Diamond Safety Award. Our lessons feature:

Courses & Clinics

Our unique combination of courses guarantees you the safest and fastest strategy for getting your P2 certification and beyond. We recommend starting with an Intro Class or a Tandem Flight. If you want to pursue your solo certification, we strongly recommend our Ridge Soaring Clinic.

We can get you up to speed and certified safely and quickly with our unique course offerings. Read more about our courses...

ParamotorPowered Paragliding

We offer full service powered paragliding instruction as well as motors and trikes. Check out our nine day intensive clinic.

Fly Away Paragliding is product testing a new motor. More soon...


We also offer a number of clinics for the pilot looking to improve his or her skills beyond basic training:

Contact us today with any questions!


Upcoming Events:

Paramotoring Expedition
Join us at the San Rafael Reef, Utah as we travel by paramotor to a new site each day, flying over remote and exciting landscapes. Read more...


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